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Tennis Racquets from 1873 to 1938

Tennis racquets are by far the most recognizable piece of collectible memorabilia. Common awareness of tennis' past is directly linked to this image of a fine 100 year old wooden frame hanging on a club house wall.  Included in the chronological images ahead are observations on how manufacturers altered the frames over the decades affecting their increasing value today.

Collectible Memorabilia

Lawn Tennis Memorabilia

Collectible tennis objects fall into a general  interest category.  As a cross section of the sport, these pieces often reflect the state of the game as well as the art and interest of the times.

Germany Travel Brochure

Collectible Tennis Imagery and Publications

Collectible tennis imagery refers to photographic scenes (like this background),  that reference the game as it was during an era.  Some early photographs are particularly valuable due to the relative newness of the art form.  Prints in early publications and covers of magazines are ever popular with collectors.

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Photo: Doherty receiving in a mixed doubles Tournament
 at East Grinstead, England, 1897

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