In attics, in barns, in country club storage sheds, many priceless items of lawn tennis memorabilia lie forgotten.

THE DRIFTWAY COLLECTION is one of the world’s premier lawn tennis collections.  For over twenty years the Driftway Collection has been celebrating  the history of lawn tennis, by exhibiting in galleries, and appearing in publications and on television around the world.

Tennis at the Turn  refers to the golden age of tennis,  beginning with the sport's early growth before the turn of the 20th century, and it's chronological evolution, up to 1938. The History of Lawn Tennis  and pieces from the collection, shown in the Gallery,  including racquets, collectible memorabilia, and collectible imagery and publications, help to illustrate that story. In the Library you will find reference articles and links for further research. The Souvenir Shop  offers award-winning fine art posters from past exhibitions.

Enjoy your journey ! ( We've included a Map, just in case you get lost.)

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Photo: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York,  1884   
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